Our philosophy is to treat our customers as we would want to be treated ourselves. Our commitment to excellence and outstanding service is exemplified in the comments we receive from our customers.

I contacted Allen Irrigation as one of three companies to install an irrigation system. Jeff came out to evaluated our yard and was very professional and responsive to my questions. Their bid came in at the lowest of the three companies and I felt very comfortable with the quality of service they were to provide.

The system has been installed but not activated due to the weather. They left our yard in very good shape and we will provide more feedback in the spring when the system is turned on.

The office staff were very easy to work with and the owner of the company communicated with me frequently on the status of the job.

-Lynn Bedard-

They are very professional and did extremely wonderful work. When they were through, there was minimum indication that any work was performed (our yard was not all torn up). Nic, the owner, is a magnificent gentleman. We have recommeded them to numerous people and neighbors.

-Shelley Koerner-

I can’t express enough how impressed I am with Nic Allen and Allen irrigation. Although Allen Irrigation was the irrigation contractor that was part of a lawn/landscaping project I had arranged with another company, they worked with me independently. I am very lucky Allen Irrigation was part of the deal.

Nic came out an evaluated my lawn, and spent considerable time with me listening to what I wanted. He developed a plan to fit my budget and give me what i wanted (how rare!). He verified with me again prior to installation. His team did excellent work; the installation made minimal impact to my lawn, and was barely noticible that afternoon. They marked all the heads and even my downspout pop ups with white flags so my mower people would learn where the heads were.

Nic came out and met with me to discuss the job, and teach me all about the various parts of the system, including how to program the controller box, and all it’s features. He made sure I felt comfortable using it before he left, but also offers help via phone or email, if I have any questions. And I’m not talking a few days to get a reply; I’m talking within hours. The man must have no life.

I don’t want to put more pressure on him, but Nic responds to me evenings, weekends… and probably even holidays if I’d email him then.

One evening last week, I realized that there was water running into the street from my yard, in the area of one of the sprinkler heads. I emailed Nic that evening to tell him that I’d been loosing water for several days, and didn’t know what to do. Within an hour I had a reply telling me how to turn off the water to the system, and they’d be out there to check it out “as soon as they could”. Nic himself came out the next morning, found a leaking valve, fixed it, and turned my system back on. There was no charge.

I emailed Nic this past weekend asking how to break into the controller box, because I had misplaced my keys. He told me not to break in, that he would get me another key. It just so happened that I was on the schedule the very next day for my mid-summer service and adjustment. His crew came out and adjusted all my heads for optimal spray coverage, and adjusted my program to give more water to areas that were in need.

I asked Nic if they had left me a key to the controller box, as I couldn’t find one, and he said he didn’t realize they had serviced me so fast, and he didn’t get a chance to give the guys one!! I told him if his guys weren’t so good, he wouldn’t have that problem!!

I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Nic and his company are simply outstanding. I just can’t say enough. In this time when so many companies just don’t give a darn about customer service, Nic and his people are the epitome of the phrase. I am looking forward to a long, and terrific relationship with Allen Irrigation. And Nic, I’ll try not to loose my keys again!! 🙂

-Julie Mcculloch-

They service our irrigation system every year. Turn on in spring and shut down in fall. This year we had some work done caused damage to part of our system. Pat Allen came out on at least two different occasions to repair. He kept me informed along the way and got our system working again.

-Lesa Riczo-

They responded immediately for my request for a quote, were at my house the next day (others never returned my call or called back 3 weeks later). They gave me a quote and an approximate time they could start. They were able to start earlier than anticipated.

They arranged for the utility services to be marked and for an electrician so I only needed to work with Allen Irrigation for the whole job. They completed the installation quickly. Were responsive when I asked for a couple of adjustments and additions and kept to their stated pricing.

I love the effect the landscape lighting has on my yard and no longer having to play hose jockey!

-Lynn Maury-

Our irrigation system pumps out of a lake. The intake pipe broke. This led to an accumulation of stones into the system that required extensive cleaning. The irrigation pump has been hit by lightning at least two times. On both occasions Allen Irrigation responded quickly.

We have used Allen Irrigation for several years and have always been pleased with their responsiveness and fairness of charges. They are very timely in opening the system in the spring and winterizing the system in the fall.

-John Ritter-