Frequently Asked Questions

Many customers have similar questions. If yours is not listed, contact us. We are happy to provide answers.

Q. Can I get a price over the phone?

Be cautious of any company who provides an estimate over the phone. After receiving a price you will likely have additional costs once the project starts.

Q. Can I have a company just come out and perform my winterization?

We can quote you on individual services but we require you to prove that you have paid a certified technician to make sure your system is compliant with the state.

Q. How much should I be watering my lawn?

The generic response is one inch per week. It truly depends on soil conditions, although one inch per week is appropriate you will need to determine how long you can water before your water starts running off the top. If your soil conditions allow you to water for only 20 minutes before running off the surface then you would want to eliminate longer run times. Use your best judgement as to how much your soil can take and this will cut down on wasting our natural resources and your money.

Q. How does your annual service contract work?

An annual service agreement gives you many benefits:

  • Automatic service without the hassle of calling and scheduling.
  • The flexibility to prepay or pay as you go over the year.

With Allen Irrigation, you have flexibility of scheduling services around work schedule or vacations and a 5 year warranty for all new products installed. You can also sign up mid-season with a 12-month commitment.

Q. Why do I need backflow testing of my system and why does it costs so much for a simple procedure?

Backflows are referred to as Cross Connection devices. Your system is required by law to be inspected annually for compliance. A backflow (Cross Connection) test is more than simply testing the device. We are required to send all results to your local water company. If any problem occurs from a previous year we have you covered as we keep records for up to 5 years. This law is not designed by your local water company but rather by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Q. What if I have a well? Can you install an irrigation system from that and do I still need a backflow device?

In most cases you can install an irrigation system to any well water supply. We would have to determine the pumping capabilities of the well along with an estimate of current water supply to determine the approximate capacity of the new system. Backflows are required for well applications and annual inspections are necessary the same as city water irrigation systems.